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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Daily News

Whats going on in the fashion world today October 2, 2004?

According to Vogue the reason why there is a seperate Russian fashion week is because they are fighting their hardest to make it up to the top to become like New York, Londan, Milan and Paris. Alexander Shumsky is the founder of Russian fashion week who has become a regular sighting in the other big fashion cities. Russian fashion is becoming more and more popular and see through out the states so it looks like ALexander Shumskys work has been paying off going to the other cities and watching their run ways.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen clearly did it right last year. The Brazilian supermodel was given intensive training before turning up to wave the checkered flag at her home country's Grand Prix and she must have done something right, because she's been asked back again this year. But no matter how great the catwalker's flag-waving skills, she will receive yet more training before the race this year. Spokesman Marcio Fonseca admits that organisers are keen to avoid the fiasco of Pele's appearance in 2002, when he failed to notice Michael Schumacher crossing the line. "There's no great secret to waving the flag," race director Carlos Montagner told the Brazilian paper, Diario de S. Paulo. "It's enough to pay attention to how things are going."

You can never have enough accessories, and the latest international collections provided plenty more excuses to make every look its own with a new bag, a couple of bangles, or to die for heels. Pharrell Williams showed off his first sunglaess a result of his collaboration with Louis Vuitton, while Eley Kishmimoto and Christian Dior also made giant sunglasses the trend of the season. The Prada
beanies were some of the most talked about hats of the collections, while the MIU MIU purses had a young, good tiem girl appeal. Must have heels came in on the red carpet from YSL River Gauchie and wedged up heels from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Everybody will be piling on the bangles next season a trend started by the likes of Anna Molinari and John Galliano at Dior.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Ivy League & Prom Queen 50's Style

According to Fashion Flashback the 50's style is still rockin and "in".

It goes from the circle, pencil, peasant skirts to cashmere sweater for men and women. For day and evening for the men the look is preppy, shirts and club ties, a cardigan "letter" sweater and shirt tails out. She is pretty in in pink with cinched waist's, tea-length skirts and a sweater set. Ankle boots for men and women, worn with everything including suits for the guys. Tweed is a very hot thing this year and the tweed suit is really popular for the men worn with a plaid shirt. It isn't so much about the "big" watches anymore with the big face, and the big diamonds on them it is no all about the classic watches such as the Cartier tank watch, or the little petite skinny leather band watches. Knee-length hemlines and last but not least scarves. Everything old is new again small squares tied at the neck instead of a neckline, vintage luxury from Hermes, Van Cleef and Arpels, or a souvenir from a summer vacation spot.

In menswear this season, you'll find classic suiting in luscious fabrics and subtle yet dramatic tweeds. There's a return of standards cardigan, turtleneck, V-necks in time tested patterns including argyle, flat-front slacks, silk Ts worn under vintage-inspired striped dress shirts and relaxed leather jackets. Tony Tiemeyer said "In New York, I saw a lot of '50s' looks in the stores" for men "It's cool, but borders on the nerdy, which is cute for the modern man."

A trend toward a fashion flashback happens over, and over again when our children are our age they will be seeing their fashion repeat itself over and over again. Old will never go out because it is the new "new" of fashion.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Do you LOVE cute Flip Flops??

Flip flops have become a really popular shoe beginning in the summer of 2000. "I blew out my flip-flop/ stepped on a pop-top ... " You know the rest of this song, of course — Jimmy Buffett's 1977 chestnut "Margaritaville," who has lost his way in life and now lazes seaside in plastic shoes probably purchased at a convenience store. But according to ABQ Journal Flip-flops have long been the official footwear of the disaffected, a sort of sack cloth for the tootsies. Wearing them says you are more concerned with feeling good than looking good, that you aren't even in the mood to be attractive, but has become attractive more and more. Now you see it on the run ways and on almost every celebrity. Which is why news that the fashion world has gotten its manicured hands on the lowly flip-flop is so stunning. Yes, fashion has co-opted the flip-flop. Did you ever think you would see the words "fashion" and "flip-flop" in the same sentence? Me neither. But everyday you see it in store and on fashion Web sites that designers from Louis Vuitton to Prada that they are slapping their logo on the flip-flops, tagging them with the more upscale-sounding name "thong" and selling them at prices that would buy Buffett's beach bum a season's worth of tequila. Burberry has a flip-flop with its trademark plaid encased in a clear plastic footbed. Price: $85. Gucci is making a terry-cloth flip-flop with its trademark psychedelic print. Price: $170. Here's how affected the flop has become: Hollywood fashion princess Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed in a pair of flip-flops instead of stellitos. Chanel is making a $150 shoe that looks a whole lot like the classic wood-soled Dr. Schools sandal ($9 at drugstores in the 1970s) and Michael Kors has a $40 jelly shoe.
Naturally, there are knockoff flip-flops that sell for far less than the designer models. You can always buy you a cheap par of flip-flops from Traget or the drugstore and spice them up with some beads, or sequins.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Vote T-Shirts Do You Have One??

According to Indy Star they say "as Election Day approaches, designers and retailers are betting that millions of Americans will be eager to jump on this trend. That's why everyone from P. Diddy to Donna Karan, from French Connection to A/X Armani Exchange is selling get-out-the-vote T-shirts." like these below

Bush T-Shirts!!
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Image Hosted by
"Rock The Vote" is a big thing this election year. You will be seeing a lot of voting t-shirts and just some that say
"Shut up & Vote!"
"Just Vote"
Things like that you will be seeing everywhere according to Indy Star.

Must haves for the fall!

Here are a couple of must haves for the fall for women.

Image Hosted by
This handbag is made by Abercrombie & Fitch pink is still in now you are seeing it EVERYWHERE and to have a pink Tweed handbag is a hot item for the fall.

Image Hosted by
This handbag is also made by Abercrombie & Fitch this is a neat style that is made out of Tweed and will be in for a while you could carry this bag dressed up or dressed down.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by Legwarmes are in now use to you would only see them being worn by little kids to their dance classes. Now you see them everywhere with a little mini skirt and a cute shirt.

Image Hosted by
Mini skirts are going to stay in for a while because they are making a huge hit now for some reason. Fashion editors believe that the mini is going to stay around at least until next spring, but they think that it will probably even stay longer than that, because you can always wear a skirt and a shirt or even dress it up.

Friday, September 24, 2004

The Fat Skirts Back!

At fashion week in New York, the full, fat and often fluffed-out skirt dominated trends for spring-summer 2005. Acorrding to The Age

"The crisp crackle of taffeta over tulle petticoats at New York Fashion Week is heralding the return of the big skirt. Pleated, gathered, bell-shaped and even puffball-style, the big skirt is sweeping aside the pencil and the Aline and defining the new grown-up look for next spring/summer."
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This skirt looks very neat and cool with short, neat jackets, coats, and chequered cardigans were worn with casual but chic trousers, rolled up to mid-calf.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Forget Fall....

Fall Fashion is still in, but with a LOT of Spring Fashion......

Forget fall; fashion designers and their inner circles have moved on to spring. They recently made their predictions of what the hot looks will be during New York Fashion Week. The big story is skirts and nice glitter, sheer, embroidered tops to dress you up for fall.

According to Fashion Pros Cindi Leive, Glamour's editor in chief said that she understands skirts are selling well for fall so it seems like a good decision. There is a skirt out there for every woman, whether it's the full, short or mini skirt. Leive suggested that you can always dress up a skirt with a glitter, sheer or embroidered top like these below

Glitter Tops
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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Sheer Tops
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Embroidered Tops
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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Glitter, Sheer, and embroidered clothing has been around since the late 70's. It has and always will be an easy way to dress up anything. You have seen sheer dresses on the runways especially during big events ex. The Grammys, The Emmys, MTV Video Awards that is usually the big target that stars go for because it is very flattering, fitting, sexy, and it happens to be very inexpensive with whatever brand you tend to lean towards.

Here are some Nightclub Fashion Don'ts according to Boston Heralds

>A guy should never wear shiny pants.'' - Fabiana Souza

>It's OK to mix dressy and casual pieces, but don't go too extreme. "I once saw a girl wearing a white dress and it was silk - very dressed up - with red sneakers. It was terrible, terrible, terrible.'' - Souza

>Don't stretch it: "It's always kind of funny seeing people wear lycra.'' - Alex Peterson
"There was a guy that was wearing clam-diggers and a wife beater. The last thing a girl wants to do is talk to a guy with clam-digger pants on.'' - Heather Walker

"The old-school Seattle look doesn't fly. The garage band look is coming back (but it doesn't work in the club scene).'' - T.J. Douglas

"Don't dress like you're going out to the club and don't do the opposite, (find a middle ground).'' - Courtney Clawson

Handbag Of The Day
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Friday, September 17, 2004

What was now OUT.

I don't know if any of y'all remember what was the big hit last Fall/Autumn but it was the UGG boots and the UGG everything. They were a big hit with a short blue jean mini skirt and a t-shirt and you saw them everywhere from the busy streets of New York, to the busy streets in L.A. and you never saw a famous lady without a pair of them wether they wore them once or everyday. Well you wont be seeing them around that much this Fall/Autumn flip flops, sandals, and stelleto heels are what you will be seeing now and probably for a good while.

Image Hosted by
UGG Boots = Out
Image Hosted by
UGG Jacket/Hoodie = Out
Image Hosted by
UGG Mini Skirt....just came out this summer and has been a good seller so we maybe seeing it a LOT we may not.
Image Hosted by
The ponocho comes out in October so we can see how that makes it and since ponochos are in all different kinds now I am sure it will do pretty good.