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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Queen Puff Puff --- Do YOU have one??

Many of you may have heard or know about Queen Puff Puff bags....But then many of you may not even know what a Queen Puff Puff bag is or even seen one. Queen Puff Puff bags are the new "it" the sister of Louis Vuitton and within a year or maybe even a couple of months they will be right up there with Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Coach.

These bags were made by a very pettite lady in England and she always hated carrying big bags when all she needed was a little place to carry her money and a little bit of make-up. So her and her daughter came up with the designs for these very elegant, classy, dressy, out going bags and wallets.

You can wear these bags out to dress up or even when you are dressed down. They are very stylish. Each one of these bags and wallets have a very meaningful meaning behind them she made and designed each and everyone of them for someone that made a huge impact on her life. So they mean a lot to her and a lot to many other people.

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This is Queen Puff Puff Audrey
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This is Queen Puff Puff Lola

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This is Queen Puff Puff Sophie

Those are just a few of the handbags! But you can check everything out here Queen Puff Puff

The Handbag of the week is Image Hosted by


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