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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

From Tweens to Teens, To Punk Rock Glammer, To Madonna "The Material Girl"

According to The Calgary Sun starting from tweens and going to teens they are willing to do anything now just for popularity and it is all now starting with fashion but also going to everything else in between. "From piercing to tattoos to designer clothes and accessories to horsetail, more kids will be impacted by what they see on TV or in a magazine." said Dr. Arlettte Lefebvre, child psychiatrist.

Image Hosted by
Teen Fashions for the begining of the school year.

This really shouldn't just be about teens. I mean everyone from babies, to teens, to parents, to grandparents are willing to do anything and everything to look their absolute best no matter what it cost. It seems that everyone is spending a lot more in the clothing area and accessories just be excepted in or "looked at." Sometimes it is really sad to see how far parents will let their kids go into the whole "looking good" state.

Image Hosted by these are some funky jeans that teens are dying over to get for this school year.

Also "punk chick" is in this season. From teens to adults you can be dressy punk, laid-back punk, or totally punk rocker. Here are some dressy styles for punk and just some totally punk rocker styles that are in for Autumn 2004.
Image Hosted by This is an awesome punk handbag that can be dressed up or dressed down and the shoes are classy punk rock.
Image Hosted by Natalie and Nicole Appleton are both Spunky and Punky.
Image Hosted by Lisa Scott Lee and wearing a black and white stripped dress black and white have always been the color of punk.
Image Hosted by Britney Spears is wearing the over-sized T-shirt as a dress bringing that back from the 80's.

Also according to
Hindustan Times Madonna aka Esther is still a fashion God. "Faithful to her reputation as global fashionista icon, Madonna, who recently changed her name to Esther after converting to Kabbalah, has called on the top names in fashion to design the costumes for her current "Re-Invention" world tour Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Stella McCartney etc."
Image Hosted by She went from sex-symbol, to hippie style, earth-mother. I think she is a very good example of good, great fashion because she use to be way out there and now she is just herself. Her kids are also dressed well and they have her same fashion well the little girl does at least and the boy follows the dad. Madonna loves to wear little know designers because she doesn't want anyone to be like her. So when it comes to dressing up for the Grammys or the VMA's she usually likes to support Belgian Olivier Theyskens instead of Gucci, Prada or Dolce and Gabbana.

Todays fashion is very different from what is use to be and I think it is a really good thing becasue now you can express yourself through your style people can just look at you and know if you are prep, punk, hippie, stylish, classy or laid-back. I think it is really awesome how expressive people can be now with fashion.


Image Hosted by Here is the handbag of the week designed by Dune.


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