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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Fashion In Paris

Fashion in Paris....Not an everyday thing here over in the States. But it is very stylish, very hip, very classy, very chic, and very IN!! Fashion in Paris is the number one thing. There was a fashion show Saturday, September 11th, 2004 and it was a very classy, dressy show. I found a couple of pictures on the web from it and a lot of the "in" things for Fall/Autumn 2004 were in the fashion show.

Big jewelry!! Is so in everyday you see someone with something big on that draws your attention to that whether they are dressed up to go out or dress down to go to school. This is a butterfly necklace by Gucci that makes this outfit what it is.
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Black dresses everyone needs that "little black dress" you can ALWAYS dress it up with some nice shoes are dress it down with some casual flip flops. This dress is made by Nine West and is very classy and fitted.
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Black is the new pink, but pink is totally the new green. Lime green, and just plain green is a color that has made it to the top and hasn't been in since the early 70's. This dress is a Louis Vuitton dress so it is very pricey but it is totally gorgeous.
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Ponchos anyone....It is like poncho city now everywhere you look you see someone with a poncho dressed up or dressed down here is one that is a silk poncho made by Doluche and Gabana that is very classy so you would want to dress this up.
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sandals....I don't know about you but I LOVE wearing a cute pair of sandal's with a t-shirt and jeans here are some bright yellow strappy sandals made by Coach. Strappy sandal's hasn't been a big hit since the 80's but everything is coming back.
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Next time....what was in last autumn but is not out this autumn.


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