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Monday, September 13, 2004

Autumn Fashion 2004

According to Tweed is in for Autumn 2004 "The tweed look is elegant, romantic and reminiscent of the '40s era. With rich fabrics and grown-up tailoring, this is a modest style trend that's going to go a long way..." Image Hosted by this is a whole Tweed outfit that is very elegant and can be worn to work and also can be worn out. The return of tweed to fashion's A-list is good news. Part of a movement that celebrates country dressing, tweed is hard-wearing, elegant and, best of all, warm. This is a not a trend that asks you to wear thigh-skimming minis or cute boob tubes. Grown-up tailoring takes the lead and skirts stay on or below the knee, while blouses and jackets keep shoulders covered. In modern terms it's the most modest style around, one that most people can wear - and it's far from dull. So this Autumn you will be seeing all kinds of tweed from the busy streets of New York, to the busy streets in L.A., to the red carpet runway.
Here are some other fabulous tweed outfits
Image Hosted by Tweed Coat
Image Hosted by Tweed Handbag and Shoes
Image Hosted by Tweed Pants
Image Hosted by Tweed Pants
Image Hosted by Tweed Shoes
Image Hosted by Tweed Skirt

My favorite handbag of the week Image Hosted by It is a chocolate silk button handbag made out of buttons and a simple scarf. The perfect accessory to dress up jeans or complement cascading shell, bead or pastel coloured earrings.

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